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The Success of Education in India - Kerala

As the Western World continues to develop, forming education systems far better than many other nations, a rival system continues to excel within India, exceeding even the U.S.A’s literacy rates.

Kerala, known internationally for its paradise-like environment and plentiful agriculture is also home to one of the world’s most successful education systems, allowing the state to have a 96.2% literacy rate. In comparison, Kerala outperforms states such as Rajasthan by over 29% and the United States by 10%.

The state’s endless ventures in educational reforms has achieved unparalleled success, with the state being the 1st in India to obtain a 100% primary education level for all of its citizens.

Continuous investment within education in Kerala has allowed many families, regardless of income level, to enable their children to learn from government public schools and gain a proper opportunity to learn. Within every district, prestigious and excellent educational institutions exist, with many districts containing the best universities in the nation.

While other states struggle with students dropping out of government education systems to pursue child labor as a result of the inadequacy of the schools, Kerala continues to achieve the lowest dropout rates of the country. The state’s focus on education has enabled schools to begin to modernize and extend past their current systems, signaling a fruitful era of innovation and excellence in students.

Laptops, electronics, and more are currently being installed in classrooms across the state, allowing many to access resources previously never available and widening the gap between Kerala and other states who continue to have schools that contain nothing but a floor and chalk.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kerala government has adapted tremendously and ensured those who do not have access to electronics are able to receive a sufficient online education. Several local government institutions and organizations have provided TVs, smartphones, and laptops to families that are unable to afford such luxuries. Classes are broadcasted and pre-recorded on a variety of platforms, enabling access from any type of media.

Though the economy has suffered and unemployment has increased, the emphasis placed on education has unwavered, allowing the state to continue to thrive in its educational institutions.

Additionally, extending past the domain of the classroom and government, families in Kerala themselves are extremely focused upon education and value the quality of it far more than other states.

Throughout Kerala's ancient history, education has received endless emphasis, with Christian missionaries in the beginning providing education to the Kerala population regardless of socio-economic status. This catalyst of educational reform has blossomed into a beautiful education system now witnessed within Kerala - an education system that continues to grow and develop past the barriers of inequality.

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