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The Impact of Population Growth in India

India has a vast amount of people, with a population of over 1.3 million people. They have 17.7% of the world’s population in their country. Now, issues are beginning to arise for India and its massive population. India has reached its limit and can no longer support all of its people.

India is estimated to surpass China population-wise in 2027, showing how fast the population of India has grown and how many issues it can create. China has 7% of the world’s land, while India only has 2.4% while carrying a similar population size. While the population growth has slowed down, the damage has happened, creating many issues.

With a massive population, it is possible to utilize it properly to advance the country. With many working-class adults, there could be economic growth and jobs in the state. However, this is a challenge to achieve as the government needs to create new jobs and improve education for these working adults.

While the benefit of so many working adults sounds good for India, it causes great harm. With more people, more resources are used and required. With the massive amount of people in India, many people are driving at the same time and creating pollution through various other manners.

Another issue lies with the fact that so many adults can work, which could help the economy. However, there needs to be enough jobs for everyone. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Many adults struggle to find jobs for themselves. About 7 out of 25 people who are capable of working in India manage to get a job. The large population of India has become an issue and needs to slow down.

Globally, the growth rate of populations has been slowing. There are many contributing factors to this decrease in population growth. One is poverty alleviation in India. With less poverty, people are more educated and do not require children to help them work and support them as they can no longer work. Another factor is the increase in educated individuals in India. These individuals learn more about birth control and how harmful a large population can be for a country and have fewer children.

While the population growth has been slowing down, there needs to be more action taken. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised the people of India to have smaller families. While this is a step in the right direction, more work is needed. The government must identify and take actions against the problems to prevent things from getting worse in India.

Poverty is a big issue in India and one of the contributing factors to this issue as poor families have more children. The poor also are less uneducated. They do not understand the effects of a large population or the benefits of birth control, which helps stop population growth.

Another main issue is child marriage in India. Female children in India are sometimes married off and speeds up population growth. Child marriage is wrong and violates human rights. It needs to be stopped for the sake of its people along with slowing population growth.

These two issues need to be addressed by the government and action is crucial. The government needs to act and help its families in poverty and educate them. Women need to be empowered and be more independent in India.

The population of India is too high and the country is at its carrying capacity. Through the spreading of awareness and government action, this issue can be resolved along with the many other issues in India. The high population creates no benefit for the country and the population needs to go down. For now, the population shall continue to rise and the issues shall worsen until more action is taken.

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